Exceptional Handcrafted Furniture & Home Décor at Affordable Prices.

Bella Casa Collection

Our Casa collection has a variety of designs from new classic, vintage to modern trends. Always made with the elegance and quality that characterizes us in using distinct combinations of stone, metals, glass and solid woods such as mahogany, poplar, cumaru (teak), parota, and beautiful tapestries. Furniture that is 100% hand carved and will truly make any space in your home look like a “Bella Casa”.

Bella Luxury Collection

Our Bella luxury collection is created to give your home that touch of exclusivity, elegance and beauty with a European style, using high quality woods and classic carved designs created by hand, which make these furniture pieces unique, durable and produced to inherit from generation to generation. Fine materials and exclusivity in its maximum expression!

Natura Collection

The Natura collection are unique pieces that stand out for their originality and highlight the beauty of the woods, providing your home with the peace and harmony of nature. It’s furniture of distinct sculptures made with tropical woods and solid trunks that seeks the reunion of the natural world and transcends the warmth and the freshness of the forest into your home. It’s genuinely the beauty of nature reflected in art!

Hacienda Collection

Transport to western times with these rustic and elegant designs, crafted by the hands of Mexican artisans. No doubt our designs of rustic wood, copper, leather and iron furniture will give your home an elegant, cozy and unique touch.

Bella Home Decor and Accessories

We offer varied assortments of quality home accessories, designed to complement and enhance your furniture and rooms. Our accessories feature unique pieces of assorted sizes and styles to accent any space in your home. With items ranging from rugs and accent tables to wall decor and chandeliers. We truly have unique pieces to accessorize your home from floor to ceiling. Furniture can require the most space, but our accessories command all the attention!

We are a company specializing in quality handmade furniture and unique home decor manufactured in Mexico. Bella Casa Furnishings was established in 2017 in Las Vegas, NV, as an integrity-based, owner-operated company, offering furniture with exceptional quality at affordable prices for homes and businesses.

We sell a variety of products online and deliver locally and to Southern Utah and have offices in Guadalajara, Mexico, where we choose the collections and inspect the quality of the products.

We have a 2,000 sq ft warehouse of product in stock to supply our customers and also have distributions ideal for projects with architects, interior designers, builders and contractors, but more importantly, we are a company committed to the purpose of fully satisfying our customers by sharing what is still made by hand.

Why Buy from Us?

At Bella Casa Furnishings, our intention is to become your preferred supplier of unique furniture & home décor and we know that for this we must give quality at a good price. The market is full of poor quality products, mostly from Asian origin. That’s not our case. We take pride in creating quality custom designed furniture that is built to last, using solid woods, durable materials and high-quality manufacturing. Each piece of furniture is assembled and finished by hand following the highest industry standards. By combining friendly customer service with creative and manufacturing expertise at an affordable price, we make custom-made furniture available to everyone. This is our guarantee of a good buy.

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